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Petoskey , MI 

Maple Ridge Homestead 


Coming Soon / In the works 

  • Massage Therapy 

  • Holistic Healing

  •  Energy & Reiki 

  • Retreats 

  • Festivals & Events 

  • Herbalism 

  • Hydroponics 

  • Workshops 

  •  Hiking Trails 

  • Outdoor Sauna 

  • Backpacking

  • More ...


Follow us as we document and share in our journey together on Youtube. Watch the progress of the homestead.

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Want to participate and help? Learn self-sufficiency skills? Have Skills to offer? Want to stay with us? learn more below 

Foggy Campsite

About us 

Our goal at Michigan Homestead Adventures is to learn self-sufficiency skills, healing with nature and to live in harmony with the earth and all beings, and cultivate a love for all beings,  to share in that experience with all those who wish to participate. We believe it is important to learn old ways and develop new ways to build self suffiecent and self-sustainable homesteads and communities and to work towards a better human experience. Homesteading is fairly new to us and we are learning as we go we welcome the participation of others who want to learn and participate as well. Our mission of learn, love, and share means learn the skills, spread love to all, and share the knowledge and skills. 

We believe together we can build, explore and provide a model for a new human experience, one focused on love, abundance, and self-sustainability, and harmony. We invite all those who want to explore, participate, and further the experience and discussion to join us on the homestead. Join us in one of our posted events or simply contact us to schedule a time to visit and particpate. 

Together we can create a better human experience and share it with all those who seek it. 

Planting a Tree


Together we can build a better human experiance 

Building a homestead and getting back to our roots is no easy task, it takes a community,  below is a shortlist of people and services needed . 



For location information and to RSVP for any of the events please email us below with the contact form, please include which event(s) you would like to RSVP for.

RSVPs are required to attend. Most events are free or via a "no-pressure" donation. If there is a charge for an event it will be listed on the description and you can pay onsite. Cash, Paypal or Cash app. 

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